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Thank you for using online font convert.
I have removed all ads and all the other
extraction to keep it as simple as possible.
So this solo rely on donations now instead
since many of you use adblock anyway.

The Online Font Converter is a 100% free service. The Online Font Converter converts fonts to/from: pdf dfont eot otf pfb tfm pfm suit svg ttf pfa bin pt3 ps t42 cff afm ttc woff woff2 ufo

Online Font Converter API

Online font converter has a simple API that is simple to use without any cost. Only thing you need is an account at mashape and a subscription plan to get an API key

Avalible as open source on github

We value open source and believe it is a privilege to be able to share idea-as-code with people around the world as we work together to build useful tools and products. We believe in building on the shoulders of giants and seek for productive, sustainable ways to continue to strengthen the foundation and create the architecture of the future.

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